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-4- The service in Baron Ungeru’s troops. Ungeru and his advisers from the Japanese General Staff issued and executed cannibal orders in all inhabited points of Halha-Mongolia. Paragraph 9 of the order issued by Ungeru and his Japanese advisers in Urga on May 25, 1921 ran as follows: “commissars and Jews should be annihilated together with their families.” Paragraph 10 of the same order proclaimed that those who do not recognize Ungeru’s power “should be put to death in various ways.” Japanese militarists and their whiteguard hirelings caused great damage to the economy and population of Mongolia. Having failed to achieve the proposed occupation of Mongolia through ataman Semenov and Ungeru, t he Japanese military began to send a number of their agents and emissaries to Mongolia to organize counter-revolutionary uprisings, overthrow the people’s government and occupy Mongolia. A number of conspiracies organized against the popular representative government of Mongolian People’s Republic since 1921 were inspired by Japan and with Japanese money. The trials of conspirators and leaders of uprisings as well as of individual Japanese secret agents showed that the received direct guidance and assignments to organize sabotage and terrorist acts against the leaders of Mongolian People’s Republic from Japanese representatives. # # #