International Prosecution Section GHQ, SCAP 2 March 1946 Memorandum to: All members of the Staff From: Chief of Counsel and of Section Subject: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE There is set up in the International Prosecution Section an Executive Committee as follows: Mr. Comyns-Carr Mr. Justice Mansfield Brigadier Quilliam Brigadier Nolan Judge Hsiang Mr. Humphreys Capt. Robinson Lt. Col. Brabner-Smith Mr. Higgins Mr. Tavenner Judge Williams The Associate Counsel of each Allied Nation not now represented shall become a member of this Committee upon arrival in Tokyo. The Chief of Counsel shall be a member of this Committee and all Sub-Committees. The Committee shall assist the Chief of Counsel in the accomplishment of the following objectives: 1.To determine matters of general policy 2.To coordinate and direct the work of all other committees. 3.To approve the Bill of Indictment. 4.To complete the preparations for trial and direct its course on behalf of the prosecution. The Committee shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to it by the Chief of Counsel. Joseph B. Keenan Chief of Counsel and of Section