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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
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Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
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and emphasized that "His successor shared his views completely' i "ho accused IIATA was ITAGAKIfs successor as -Tar Minister. In Hay 1939 --ATA was appointed Chief Aide de Camp to the Emperor, SATO was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff of the South China Expeditionary Forces and S'JZTJKI be cane counsellor of the Planning Bureau, On 16 August 1939 SUZt'fia was appointed Secretary of the China Affairs Committee and Acting Chief of the China Affairs Bureau. In the ABE Cabinet5 which succeeded the HIFiANUIIA Cabinet, the accused HATA was Y/r.r Minister, President of lianchurian Affairs Board, and Vice-President of China Affairs Board, The accused IT3ZU became Coix:ander-in-Chiof of the Kwantung Arny and Ambassador to Ilanchukuo on 7 September 1939. On 28 . September 1939, the accused DOMIHAHa was appointed Supreme 7/ar Councillor. On 12 October 1939 the accused IIUxO was appointed Secretary of the National General Mobilization Council and member of several government bodies, including the Planning Board, lianchurian Affairs Board and the Cabinet Information Board. On 1 December 1939, the accused ATLJCI again be cane Cabinet Adviser. On 16 January 1940 the ABB Cabinet was supplanted by the Y0?UI Cabinet in which HATA retained tile officc of 7ar : "inister and the accused ICOISO again became Overseas Minister. JAPANESE ACTIVITY IN THE AREAS SOUTH OF CHINA AND IN THE SOUTH SEAS As the day of world conflagration approached, the con¬duct and declarations of the accused, or their leaders, revealed 109.Exhibit 2198, TP 15,744.