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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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followed by the occupation of Spratley Islands , French possess- ions, lying off the coast of French Inc.o-China on 30 Larch 1939 ? and the placing of these islands under the jurisdiction of the Government of Tainan. 113 Territorial claims were also made by the Japanese to the Paracels Islands. 114 Japanese plans in the South Seas wore also manifested in respect to the Netherlands Hast Indies and No*:/ Guinea. In Kay 1939 the Branch Manager of the Southwest Development Company reported the progress of Japanese enterprises in the Netherlands East Indies. He stated that Japanese requirements could not be satisfied by the mandated territories only, and that the next important problem would have to be met by "the expansion of the Japanese in Great Nov/ Guinea." Ho closed his report with the request that the best be done "for the exploitation of Great New Guinea." 115 On 12 January 1940, Japan abrogated the Japanese- Netherlands Treaty. Tier interest in the South Seas '/as also indicated by the opening of a now consulate at Noumea, Capitol of New Caledonia, on 20 ;larch 1940. 116 The passage of war materials through Indo-China to Chiang Kai-shek gave rise to protests from the Japanese Govern¬ment at various times in 1938? 1939 and 1940. The J-pr.noso government admitted that it was fully aware that since war had not been declared by either Japan or China, the French were not 113.Exhibit 512, TP 6,14;. 114.Exhibit 6l6-A, TP 6,804. 115.Exhibit 1326-D, TP 11,907, 119910. 116.TP 6,143.