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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
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legally obligated to suspend traffic of commodities consigned to China , yet the 7ar Ministry approved the bombing of the Yunan railway and such bombing occurred frequently in the latter part of 1939. 117 0S-3.A, timing his action with the initiation of war by Hitler against Poland, advised military aggression in the south¬ern areas of Greater East Asia and against Hongkong for which the Japanese navy was prepared,118 and near the same time General TEEAUCHI admitted to German representatives that it was in Japan's best interest to bring to a peaceful settlement the war with China and to utilize the strength of the Japanese army and fleet in the south where, in the economic field, greater benefits were to be gained. 119 With respect to Japanese-German relations, Stammer and Ott reported on 23 February 1940 that OSTXU, 3KIEAT0EI and others remained "in an unchanged friendly attitude and ready for every support," and means were being taken to strengthen pro- German influences in the Foreign Ministry and the Army. 120 There followed an apparent stiffening of political attitude between Japan on the one hand and England and America on the other, aris¬ing out of protests against the Japanese sponsored and established Wang Ching-wei Chinese government at Nanking. lumbers ox wi© Diet pressed the Foreign minister for a strengthening of relations 117.Exhibit 616-A, TP 6,801 6,812. 118.Exhibit 509, YP 6,136 119.Exhibit 511, TP 6,141