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Parent Pearl Harbor Attack
Date 9 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Indeed it was our surprise attack that our navy intentionally chose the dawn of Sunday morning and attacked against the main fleet of enemy. The attack of Hawaii was the principal strategy of our Navy deliberated for more than 30 years since the Russ-Japanese war. PP. 58-79 The truth of the merits of the special attack corps. Now, hereby I publish the great merit of our special attack corps who gave the fatal attack to outrageous America that attempted to cut down even the life of Japan. Made public by the Imperial Headquarters on (3 P.M. 6 March 1942) The plan of the special attack was originated according to the thought of Captain Iwasa and several other officers who actually executed this attack. Several months prior to this attack, this plan was presented to the commander in chief of the combined Fleet with details secretly, together with the statement that in case of need with this plan they wanted to devote to the country. The commander in chief, after examining the plan thoroughly, accepted the plan to be executed. The warrant officers who participated in this action were also men of superior ability and were the royal subordinates of the officers participated in this brave and they made up their minds to die under their commanding officers. Since then, even inside the Navy, the secrecy had been kept and during a short time every efforts were made in preparing and disciplining which could be boast of to the world. After attacking the main strength of enemy, the act of coming back of the corps supposed to be very difficult, and in case of need, the self destruction was foreseen which as Japanese Navy men?ÇÖs act was the natural course. Thus this special attack corps with the confidence of Help of God and grace of the Emperor started on a certain date of certain month for Pearl Harbour and executed the planned attack and all of the officers and men gave way to their fates with the submarines. Of these attacks the most conspicuous was the one against Arizona type, this explosion was seen even from the outside of the Harbour (at 9.1 o?ÇÖclock P.M. 7th of Hawaii time). And there was the last wireless communication from one of the corps at 41 minutes 10 o?ÇÖclock P.M. Hawaii time, that it succeeded in attacking. After that it seemed self destructed or sunk by enemy. -4-