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-2- The agreement in the line with the policy set forth by the Government. 5)What was the position of ITAGAKI on that question? 6)What was decided? 7)We know it by Exhibit 614 (Record Page 6792). In this document sent from Tokyo on the 5th of June 1939 by the German Ambassador OTT to his Government; we can read: “The Deputy Minister for War confirmed to me that the Army and Navy had come to an understanding. However, he added, weakening, that the Army had not prevailed in all matters. Informant of the Foreign Ministry let me know that the Premier and the Foreign Minister have assented to the understanding, forwarding of which to Berlin and Rome is impending. Participation in the war against England and France has been conceded, though still with certain reservations by which Japan wishes to secure the right to choose a favorable time for entering the war . . . “ 8)ITAGAKI (and also perhaps the witness WATANAKI) might be able to give information on that subject, telling the names of the ministers who took part to this decision. 9)It is spoken in exhibit 614 of the “Deputy Minister for War”; who was this man? 10)Who were the men in favor in August 1938 of concluding