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Parent Doc. No. 19469-A
Date 7 June 1946
Language EN; JA
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Doc. No. 19469-A Y/HN/MRA 11 Apr 38: SHIRATORI, OKAWA, AMANO, HOMMA and others, nine persons altogether, gathered for a meeting at 1000 hours. Named the association; YAMATO. Also decided upon an association office. 11 May 38: Twenty-two members of the YAMATO association gathered at the University Alumni Association hall at 1800 hours. After supper, Mr OKAWA gave a speech. 16 May 38: OKAWA, YASUI, SHIRATORI, SAITO, OTA and KASAI gathered for the secretary’s meeting of the YAMAMOTO Association at 1000 hours. We decided upon a regular meeting on the 8th of next month. 23 May 38: SHOJI, Hikoo returned from North China and came to my house through the introduction of Lt General NAKAJIMA, Kesage at 1100 hours. He gave a speech on the situation at the front of China. He is a GUNSHOKUTAKU. (TN A civilian specialist attached to the Army.) I was invited by AMANO, Tatsuo to the KAIRAKUEN in NIHONBASHI. OKAWA, YASUI and SHIRATORI, 11 persons altogether, were present. 8 Jun 38: I was invited by Mr OKAWA to the HYOTEI in TSUKIJI. Lt General ITAGAKI (Minister); SHIRATORI, Toshio; SANEGAWA, Tokijiro; Colonel WACHI; YASUI, Tetsuji, and ISHIKAWA, Koichiro were present. This was a celebration for Mr ITAGAKI who had accepted an appointment as a Minister. We had a talk on the state of affairs in JAPAN. 12 Jun 38: General MATSUI, (Intendance); Lt General ONODERA; WATANABE, Tetsuya, and I were invited by Mr OKAWA to the KASHO in TSUKIJI at 2000 hours. General MATSUI and Mr OKAWA promised that they will come to the YAGUMO on the 5th of next month. 23 Jun 38: OKAWA, YASUI, SHIRATORI, HOMMA, ABE, OTA and others, nine members of the YAMATO Association, came to my house at 2200 hours.