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Parent Collaboration between Japan, Germany and Italy Vol. VI
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 6
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
“One could not see clearly what practical consequences these Japanese promises for the German economic Interests had as long as the area of(Tientsin, Peking, and Tsingtao in North China, and the triangle Shanghai-Nanking-Hangchow in Middle China were battle areas* As long as there was fighting, it was doubtful whether the measures of the Japanese military authorities were conditioned by war and temporary or whether they were the expression of a policy calculated to be permanent* Now that these territories are for the great part pacified and opened for /the admission of/ Japanese civilians (peddlers, traders and manufacturers) the German authorities could gain a clearer picture of the Japanese economic policy in China and its reactions on the German interests* They confirm in numerous reports that the Japanese military authorities are striving to subjugate the Chinese economy under Japanese domination, to use this economy exclusively in the Japanese interest, and to push aside and eliminate all foreign interests. “In this the German interests are treated no better than any other foreign interest. Principally, Japan wants to exploit China in only in her own interest. Foreign cooperation only comes them into the question where the Japanese means do not suffice, but even there only in a way which guarantees Japan’s leadership (Japanese majority in mixed enterprises). Considerable orders are to be given internationally, whereby Germany does not possess any special advantage over other nations. Though the attitude of the Japanese military authorities in North and Middle