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Parent Collaboration between Japan, Germany and Italy Vol. VII
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 15
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration Vol 7
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
AGAINST THE UNITED STATES AND THE BRITISH EMPIRE, AB¬STENTION PROM CONCLUDING PEACE AND CO-OPERATION FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A NEW ORDER. December 11, 1941 "Germany and Italy having decided to wage war in common with Japan against the United States of America, an agreement was signed today (December 11) at Berlin between the Japanese Plenipotentiary, the Ambassador to Germany, Lieutenant-General Hiroshi OSHIMA, the German Plenipotentiary, the Foreign Minister, Mr. Joachim RIBBENTROP and the Italian Plenipotentiary, the Ambassador to Germany, Mr. Dino ALFIERI. The contents of the agreement are as follows: "Agreement between Japan, Germany and Italy. "In the unflexible determination not to lay down arms until the common war against the United States and the British Empire is successfully concluded, the Imperial Japanese Government, the German Government and the Italian Government have agreed upon the following stipulations. Article I "Japan, Germany and Italy shall prosecute the war forced upon them by the United States of America and the British Empire with all forceful means at their command until it ends in their victory. Article II "Japan, Germany and Italy pledge that, without complete understanding between themselves, they will not conclude armistice or peace with either the United States of America or the British Empire.