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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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19 June 1940 from the German Ambassador to the Reich Foreign Minister. 140 That the accused, or their leaders, were thinking and planning in the same vein is also seen from K0IS0's reference to the "expected KONOYE Government" in his conference with the German Ambassador on 24 June 1940. 141 On 29 June 1940, Foreign Minister JEBX2A made a public address by radio on Japan's position in international affairs in which he sponsored the development by pacific means of a co-pros- perity sphere in East Asia. 142 The German Ambassador reported to the Reich Foreign Minister that it was the original intention 'of Foreign Minister ARITA to announce a more active foreign policy and thereby strengthen the Cabinet's position, but this purpose was "wrecked by protests from the opposition led by the Army, which forced the original text to be substantially mutilated." The German Ambassador also reported that the influence of the Army was growing as the result of a stronger military attitude toward Hongkong and Indo-China, and that a change of the Cabinet was indicated. 143 The Army, according to the German Ambassador's message of 3 July 1940, protested against an attempt of the YONAI-ARITA Cabinet "to consolidate Axis friendship, on the ground that in reality the above policy of sympathy for the Axis is not compatible with the policies hitherto pursued by the Cabinet, and because the Army wanted to avoid the YONAI-ARITA 140See Note 127. 141See Note 130. 142Exhibit 529, TP 6,233* 143Exhibit 530, TP 6,238.