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Parent Pearl Harbor Attack
Date 9 September 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Memoranda and Reports from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
At the departure they had been ordered to come back after they completed their attack, but no one returned. Such spirit of attack is to be proud of by the Japanese Navy as the No. 1 merit in this war. These men died in this special attack should be deemed as the (God of War) as well as (God of Peace). PP.79-82 The name of Greater East Asia Sea if now seen in every newspaper and magazine, but I am the first man that found out this name. The name of area of seas surrounding islands and dominions of America, Britain, the Netherlands and Australia scattered in the South-East of the Pacific, is called Australia-Asia-Mediterranean Sea of Malacca Straits or Sunda Straits. Such names were taken from the idea of aggression by those who invaded these islands and territories, and these words do not express the true nature of the Greater East Asia. Therefore, by the Greater East Asia war, for the purpose of destruction fo America and Britain when, the nations fo the Far East were emancipated from their exploitation, such names as the souvenir of the aggression should be abolished, and it should be called by the new name of Greater East Asia Sea. Accordingly, from North Philippes to the South Australia and New Zealand, and to the West, as far as the Indian Ocean reaches, so far as our Imperial prestige expands, all these waters are to be called Greater East Asia Sea. Thus the Greater East Asia Sea grows in accordance with the progress of our Army and Navy. Furthermore I am expecting the time will come when New Japanese Sea including the Pacific and the Indian Ocean appears, though this is only Idea and not the name. PP.181-to end. Now Singapore, Java, and Sumatra have been subjugated, but it means only the change of the sign board, the contents are the same as before; therefore, te h job to opne the door with key and to develop them is left for the people to do. The war shall never be stopped until destruction of the world dominating grudge of America nad Britain is completed. We, the soldiers, will do this, and the nation be at ease relying upon soldiers on this point. But, in regard to the production and construction, etc. outside of the war affairs, the nation should do their best. -5-