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-6- Already on February 17 of the same year the Japanese established new frontier posts and strengthened the police in the seized Mongolian area. In 19365 in the district Bulun-Derisu an armed attack was launched on the large scale in which participated aircraft and motor vehicle units. Thus the Japanese seized the territory which always belonged to Mongolia and that is proved by the maps made in China in 17-18 centuries. In the course of negotiations about Halhin-Sumey there were no limits to the insolence and hostility of the rulers of Japan toward the Mongolian People. They threatened to wage war on Mongolia, demanded that the representatives of the Japanese army be admitted into Mongolia, Kanaki, Japanese Foreign Office spokesman stated on October 21, 1935 in response to the questions of foreign correspondents about the threats of the chairman of the Manchurian delegation aimed at the Mongolian Peoples’ Republic: “Outer Mongolia is wrapped in mystery and mist. The Manchurian Government is now trying to have the doors of Outer Mongolia open. The Government of Manchukuo is knocking at the doors of Outer Mongolia