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Parent Doc. No. 19469-A
Date 7 June 1946
Language EN; JA
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 3
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from June 1946
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Doc. No. 19469-A Y/HN/MRA This was a meeting of the managing staff. 25 Jun 38: I invited Welfare Minister KIDO ([insert Japanese characters]), OKAWA, Shumei, the Vice-minister of War, TOJO, Hideki, SHIRATORI, Toshio, and YASUI, Kiji. 4 Aug 38: I gave a speech about SHANGHAI and Behavior at the grammar school. The speech lasted from 1130 to 1300 hours. 5 Aug 38: General MATSUI, Iwane; OKAWA, Shumei; Lt General ONODERA, Chojiro (Intendence); WATANABE, Tetsuya of the Chinese-Japanese Mutual Trust Company (TN probably Mutual Trade Company); and SASAME, Tsuneo, a secretary of the Good Neighbour Society, arrived at YAGUMO at 0933 hours. The people from various organizations and schools came to welcome them. We went to the shrine immediately on the coach. The religious festival for the 60th anniversary of the YAGUMO waste-land reclamation was held in front of the MAROKATSUKO shrine at 1000 hours. The ceremony ended at 1040 hours. 22 Aug 38: Gave a speech about SHANGHAI at the grammar school at 1900 hours. 8 Sep 38: Gave a speech before about 200 policemen about SHANGHAI and “The Local Name of MEJIRO.” The speech lasted one hour. 13 Sep 38: OKAWA, Shumei came to my house at 1330 hours. We had a conversation on the state of affairs in JAPAN. 29 Sep 38: OKAWA, Shumei called me upon the telephone at 1700 hours, and told me that Foreign Minister UGARI ([insert Japanese characters]) had resigned. 5 Oct 38: OBAYASHI, OKAWA, OMURA, AMANO and ISHIHARA came to the YAMATO Association at 1200 hours. We had a conversation. 4 Nov 38: The farewell party for Mr. SHIRATORI was held at the SANSUIRO