Doc. No. 6907 for everything" and "would know how to carry the burden of a prolonged state of war." Ambassador TOGO also asserted that the moment would soon come when "we would have to start talking about German cooperation with Japan in the new China which is to be constructed*" With the unsuccessful close of German efforts to bring the Slno-Japanese conflict to an end, a new chapter of the war began. Germany, believing that Japan would emerge from the conflict as the military victor, considered it necessary to re-orient her policy toward the China conflict and to re-examine German-Japanese relations. On 4 February 1938 Chancellor HITLER assumed supreme command of the military and naval forces of Germany and shortly thereafter Germany withdrew her military advisers from China, stopped delivery of war materials to China, and recognized the so-called State of Manchukuo* In line with the provisions of the protocol to the Anti- Comintern Pact, the German Army and the Japanese Army in September or October 193$ agreed to furnish each other with intelligence about the Russian military. This resulted in the undertaking of long range projects aimed at the dis¬integration of Russia, the preliminary steps of which were the use of white Russians in propaganda and subversive activities in Russia, Afghanistan and Roumanla, in which the accused OSHIMA, Military Attache, played an important part*