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but the Three Chief Officers did not make a recommendation because of the foregoing., situation. 149 On the same day, 16 July 1940, Premier YONAI related his version of the facts leading up to the resignation of his cabinet. He reported to KIDO that "the Army thinks that the pre¬sent cabinet is not adequate to carry out a policy which will suit the present ever-changing world situation and which will not be regretted later. It seems to show also a tendency to favor a political rapprochement with Germany and Italy. It also feels that even in domestic affairs the government, being separated from the people, will be unable to obtain satisfactory results in a number of policies, and that unless the political structure is strengthened, the government will be unable to cope with the present emergencies. In a word, since the War Minister's opinion is different from that of the present cabinet, he cannot fulfill his duty as the leader of the Army. Hence he has come to the point of resigning." 150 KIDO recorded in his diary that War Minister HATA advised him of the opinion of the Army and that it was generally the same as that which YONAI had reported to him. 151 YONAI's explanation is further substantiated by the report of Vice War Minister MINAMIto KIDO on 8 July 1940. 152 149.Exhibit 532, TP 6,246. 150.Exhibit 532, TP 6,250. 151.Exhibit 532, TP 6,254. 152.See Note 147.