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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
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Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
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at which KONOYE was selected for the post of Prime Minister, HIROTA in advocating KONOYE for the post said "It seems that the China Incident cannot be easily settled if the Cabinet is as weak as it has been, and there is no other way but to continue the present state of affairs." 157 On the same day a cable was sent from the German Embassy in Japan to the German General Staff that "in accordance with the cabinet change, forced by the Army, a speedy transition to a more active anti-English policy is to be expected." 158 The press, in approving IIATSUOICA* s appointment, announced that a new orientation of Japanese foreign policy may be expected with certainty. OSHIMA and SHIRATORI expressed the same views in press interviews. 159 An unprecedented meeting was held between Prime Minister KONOYE, Foreign Minister MATSUOKA, and War Minister TOJO, together with a member of the previous cabinet, Navy Minister YOSHIDA, prior to 22 July 1940 before the completion of the new Japanese Cabinet, At this conference an authoritative foreign policy was drawn up which included rapprochement with tne Axis Powers. 160 A Cabinet decision was reached on 26 July 1940 outlin¬ing Japan's basic national policy. "The fundamental aim of Japan's national policy," it was stated, "lies in the establish¬ment of world peace in accordance with the lofty ideal of HAKKO ICHIU on which the Empire is founded. First of all, it is 157See Note 153. 158Exhibit 533, TP 6,257. 159Exhibit 536, TP 6,261, 160Exhibit 537-, TP 6.262.