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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
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Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
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directed toward the construction of a New Order of Greater East Asia built upon a firm solidarity of Japan, Manehukuo and China, Nwith this Empire &s the center. She will, therefore, speedily secure for herself an unshakable national structure such as con¬forms to the new world situation and march forward toward the realization of the national policy by mobilizing the total strength of the nation.1' It was determined that armaments should be so amplified as "to insure the execution of national policy on the basis of a state structure for national defense through manifestation of the nation's total strength." Although it was asserted that the fundamental aim of Japan's foreign policy for the time being was confined to the construction of a New Order in Greater East Asia, a long-range view was to be taken of world changes with the idea of adopting constructive and elastic measures for the advancement of the national.for¬tunes of the Empire. The educational system was to be renovated in full accord with the fundamental principle of the national policy. Establishment of a Japanese economic self-sufficiency policy making Japan, Manehukuo and China as a single unit and embracing the whole of Greater East Asia was advocated. Estab¬lishment of a land development plan aimed at the development of the coordinated national strength of Japan, Manehukuo and China was contemplated. 161 The foregoing declaration of national policy found expression at the Liaison Conference of 27 July 1940, in which a decision was reached to foster a strong political tie with 161 Exhibit 541, TP 6,271.