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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
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Germany and Italy and to take active steps in the adjustment of diplomacy toward the Soviet Union while maintaining a firm front toward the United States; to strengthen policies toward French Indo-China, Hongkong and the Settlements; and to strengthen the diplomatic policy toward the Dutch East Indies in order to obtain important materials. 162 This expression of national policy was the subject of a Foreign Office Announcement on 1 August 1940• Couched in idealistic phraseology, it was expressed by Foreign Minister MATSUOKA as follows? "I have always said that the mission of Japan is to proclaim and demonstrate the KODO throughout the world. Viewed from the standpoint of international relations, this amounts, I think, to enabling all nations and races to find each its proper place in the world. Accordingly, the immediate aim of our foreign policy at present is to establish, in accord¬ance with the lofty spirit of the KODO, a great East Asian chain of common prosperity with the Japan-Manchukuo-China group as one of the links. We shall thus be able to demonstrate the KODO in the most effective manner, and pave the way toward the establish¬ment of an equitable world peace. We should be resolved to sur¬mount all obstacles, both material and spiritual, lying in our path. Furthermore, in concert with those friendly Powers which are prepared to cooperate with us, we should strive with courage and determination for the fulfillment of the ideal and the heaven-ordained mission of our country.” 163 162Exhibit 1310, TP 11,795* 163Exhibit 1297, TP 11,716