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-7- Just as commodore Pery was knocking 80 years ago at the doors of Japan.” The Japanese Ohashi, Vice Foreign Minister of Manchukuo stated in December 1935 in his talk with the American journalist E. Snow: “The negotiations conducted at the Manchuria station were only preliminary steps in our firmly determined plans of opening the doors of Mongolia. We shall make them open the doors of that country having so much in common with our empire.” General Araki, Japanese Foreign Minister in 1934 wrote in his book “The tasks of Japan in the Showa era” as follows: “Japan does not want to tolerate the existence of such a dubious territory as Mongolia immediately bordering on the Japanese sphere of influence. At any rate Mongolia should be a territory belonging to the East. It must be said here frankly and clearly that any enemy withstanding the propagation of the Imperial idea should be annihilated.” The demands and views reflecting the aggressiveness of the Japanese Empire were expounded in the programme pamphlet of the War Ministry entitled “On the Importance of state defense and the appeal to strengthen it.”