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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
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pretext of establishing air bases Japan had demanded the right of permanent stationing of 32,000 troops in Indo-China, the equiva¬lent of actual military occupation of the province of Tonking, and that Japanese troops would march into Tonking at midnight, 22 September, regardless of the state of negotiations. He also advised that Admiral Decoux had been ordered to resist in case the Japanese threat of invasion should be carried out. 182 Although negotiations continued, Japanese troops violated the French Indo-China border on 23 September 1940. On the following day, 24 September 1940, 183 France submitted to Japanese coercion. A final agreement was reached that day on board the Japanese battleship Kawachi. 184 FINAL STAGES OF NEGOTIATIONS FOR MILITARY ALLIANCE The decision at the Liaison Conference of 27 July 1940 to strengthen the national policy by fostering strong political ties with Germany and Italy has been mentioned. 185 In line with this decision, Ambassador KORUSU on 1 August 1940 again renewed negotiations for Japanese-German cooperation. He sought express¬ion of Japanese-German views as to how Japan should cooperate in the promotion of Japanese-German friendship, and he inquired if and at what time Germany wished “to see the Japanese weight thrown on the scale of the present conflict." KURUSU pointed out 182.Exhibit 625, TP 6,969. 183.Exhibit 621, TP 6,830. 184.Exhibit 620, TP 6,933- 185.See Note 162.