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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
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Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
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that even if Japan did not intervene in the war at that time, "her fleet, in the triangle Berlin-Rome-Tokyo would by all means have great potentialities in the future*" 186 KURUSU also expressed the hope that "Japan may belong to the New Order after the erar ano that Japan not be forgotten in the new apportionment o£ t!ia world."187 On the same day, 1 August 1940, Foreign Minister MATSUOKA had a conference with the German Ambassador in which he made known Japan's intention to "establish a new order of Greater East Asia, as made already public by the Japanese govern¬ment, in a circle of Japan, Manehukuo and China including the South Seas." 188 Japanese apprehensions regarding German ambitions in the South Seas has been referred to. 189 In this connection MATSUOKA said "some Japanese may be planning to subjugate and exploit these regions," but that he opposed subjugation and exploitation and was determined to resist any Japanese attempt in that direction. "Japan," he said, "wishes the liberation and freedom of all nations and races on the sphere." He added, "You may have some doubt in what I said, surveying the present China Incident superficially, but if enough time is given, Japan will realize surely this idea as well in China." MATSUOKA then inquired as to what attitude Germany would assume toward the Japanese course of action in the South Seas. An immediate answer was not given. 190 186.Exhibit 542, TP 6,280 187.Exhibit 543, TP 6,282 188.Exhibit 545, TP 6,287 189.See Notes 136 and 138 190.See Note 176.