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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
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including the South Seas, Europe and Africa. Close econiiaic cooperation was planned with the view of carrying out preferen¬tial mutual ihter-change of material resources existing in the respective spheres, the according of favorable considerations to the other parties1 economic activities in their respective spheres and the exchange of techniques. Although it was contemplated that the three countries cooperate in maintaining peace with the Soviet Union and in inducing the Soviet Union to bring her policy into line with that of the Axis Powers, provision was made for consul¬tation in the event of danger of war between either Japan, Germany or Italy with the Soviet Union. It was intended that the Axis Powers cooperate to prevent the United States from interfering with the political and economic interests of the contracting parties, and that in the event of war between the United States and any one of the Axis Powers the others should assist by "all possible means." It was also contemplated that the Axis Powers should cooperate closely with respect to action to be taken in Central and South America. These understandings were to be treated as confidential. 195 Second. It was intended that the Axis Powers speedily arrive at an understanding with respect to their mutual support and cooperation concerning the China Incident and the European War with which they were respectively confronted. Japan, it was decided, should afford Germany and Italy facilities for the acquisition of natural and material resources existing in East Asia, including the South Seas, and in facilitiating the 195.Exhibit 541, TP 6,310 – 6,312