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Parent Japanese - German - Italian Collaboration
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 14
Folder Japan, Germany, Italy Collaboration and Introduction
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
B.As regards economic cooperation, Japan would he willing to supply Germany and Italy with agricul¬tural, forestry, and aquatic products of Japan, Manchuria and China, and would cooperate in supply¬ing special mineral products, rubber and other articles of Ghina, French Indo-China, the Dutch East Indies and other countries. In return, Germany and Italy were expected to supply Japan with tech¬nical assistance, aircraft, machinery and chemical products. It was intended that Japan would accord Germany and Italy de facto preferential treatment, especially in China and Manchuria. For the above- mentioned purposes it was intended that there be separately concluded an economic agreement, a trade agreement, and a payments agreement. 198 C.Axis cooperation was contemplated with regard to the Soviet Union and the United States. It v/as intended that Japan, acting in close collaboration with Germany and Italy, would restrain the Soviet Union on the East, West and South, induce the Soviet Union to align itself with the common ground of the Axis, and endeavor to cause the Soviets to advance toward the Gulf of Persia, and in case of necessity toward India. While it was intended that Japan should bring pressure to bear upon the United States through political and 198.Exhibit 541, TP 6,316