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Parent DOIHARA File
Date April 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 4
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
MURDER, CONVENTIONAL WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY TP. 794 Witness Wild testified concerning the con¬dition on the Burma-Siam Railway. Doihara was Commander of the 7th Area Army at the time and made no attempt to improve the conditions. (of POW) TP. 2252 Witness Stricklani testified that he was present at Naoetsu POW Camp where Doihara then Commander of the Eastern Army, visited. The conditions in the camp did not improve after his visit. (Article 3 of Exhibit 92 shows his responsibility for the conditions in the area he commanded.) Exhibit 2282 This exhibit shows the areas covered by the various armies. The 7th Area Army embraced Java, Manila, Sumatra and Borneo. Exhibit 1497 Synopsis of Singapore. Subsequent exhibits relate to this area also. Exhibit 1703 Synopsis of Java. Subsequent exhibits also relate to Java. Exhibit 1766 Synopsis of Sumatra. Subsequent exhibits also relate ot Sumatra. Exhibit 1916. Synopsis of Japan. Subsequent exhibits also relate to Japan. TP. 2143 Ringer's testimony shows conditions in Sumatra in 1944. EXHIBITS 1513a, 1516a, 1518a, 1528a (JAPAN?)