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-9- The Republic in that area. On May 23 of the same year Japanese troops launched a new attack on Mongolia in that area where heavy fighting took place. On May 28 General Kamatsubara’s troops invaded the Nomonhan-Burd-Obo area. On June 22 120 Japanese aircraft flew over the Mongolian frontier and started bombing the rear districts of Mongolia including the regional administrative centre Bain-Tumen and the town of Tamtsak. On June 24, 60 aircraft flew over the Mongolian frontier. On orders of General Ueda, commander of the Kwantung Army dated June 20 and General Kamatsubara, commander of the 23d division dated June 30 1939 began the general offensive of Japanese troops against the Mongolian People’s Republic. Only at the end of August 1939 after heavy fighting going on for two months on the ground and in the air the Mongolian troops with the help of the units of the Red Army of the USSR invited by the Government of the Mongolian Peoples’ Republic in accordance with the protocol of mutual assistance dated March 12, 1936, routed the