Parent DOIHARA File
Date April 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 4
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from September 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Exh. 288- 300November Doihara's mission to abduct Henry Pu-Yi 1931was carried out in spite of Gaimusho opposition. (Telegrams between Kuwajima of Tientsin and Shidehara) TP. 4123- 4124 November 1931 Doihara between the threats (bomb in fruit basket, threatening letters, and Page 4 riots in Tientsin, etc.). He was pull¬ing the strings from behind. TP. 3732 November Doihara in vicinity when Henry Pu-Yi was 1931abducted. (Goette's testimony) TP. 3729- 3730 November Chinese officials apprehensive when Doi- 1931hara was in North China for the abduction of Henry Pu-Yi. (Goette's testimony) IPS Doc.25 Exh. 57, p. 79 TP. 3231-33 Dec. 26 1931Doihara went to Harbin to take over spe-cial service in connection with capitua- tion of Ma Chan-Shan. [handwritten note: Doihara bribed Ma.] Case File 48 Seriel 24, pp. 11, 12 November 1931 Doihara knew when the Kwangtung Army was planning to set up an independent state called Manchukuo that it was in violation of the Nine Power Treaty. IPS Doc.October 27 Doihara in company with ronins like 29431931 Otani left Mukden for Tientsin by way of Darien on October 26 to carry out the plan of abducting Henry Pu-Yi (Hayeshi in Mukden to Shidehara) IPS Doc.2943Nov. 3 1931 The tendency of creating a fait accompli among the Kawntung army is still very strong. This becomes more obvious in view of the movement of Doihara in connection with restoration of Hsuan Tung. (Hayashi to Shidehara) IPS Doc. 2943November 6, 1831. . . . . . King Liang who is now visiting Tientsin wrote to a friend in Mukden about the the visit of Doihara in Tientsin and the im¬pending restoration of Hsuan Tung to the Manchuria. . . . . . (Hayashi to Shidehara)