Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 1, Folder 5

General Reports and Memoranda from March 1946

OSHIMA, Hiroshi
Imperial Rule Assistance Association
Liason Conferences
Non-engagement socially with Japanese Officials
Names on Defendants List
Supplement, Interrogation of Hidecki Tojo
Propaganda control as part of internaitonal case -- answers to questions directed by Executive Committee to Special Committee
P. O. W.
Minutes of Meeting of Executive Committee with Interrogators
Analysis of Motion on the Jurisdiction of the Tribunal
Interrogation of YOKOI, Tadao
Agenda for Evidence and Defendants Committee Meeting
Affidavits and Documents for Evidence
Minutes of Third meeting of Executive Committee
Imperial Audiences
Imperial Conferences
Proposed Rules of Procedure on Examination of Witnesses
Items for Investigation
Legality of Wars of Aggression
Minutes of Second Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee
Interrogation of Shiratori
Other Bodies
Interrogation of Defendants after service of Indictment
Index to Ott Interrogations
Minutes of Ninth Meeting of Executive Committee
Interrogations (Before Return of Indictment)
Sample message format and analysis of documentary evidence
Key Incidents
Charter of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East
Analytical chart of the activities of the various important Japanese Government organs in 1941
Minutes of Twelfth Meeting of Executive Committee
Minutes of Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee
Minutes of 7th Meeting of Executive Committee
Documentary Evidence
List of Japanese Officials and terms of tenure
Tribunal response to translation guidance
Conferences before the Emperor (Gozenkai)
Chronological List of Incidents
Allied Council for Japan - Functions and Organization
Minutes of Eleventh Meeting of Executive Committee
Sample cards
List of Defendants
Minutes of Eighth Meeting of Executive Committee
Interrogation of SHUNISHI, Matsunoto
Cabinet Meetings
Translation of Documents
Particulars of the Indictment. Treatment by types of subject discussed at the 11th Meeting
Privy Council
Documentary material, OSHIMA, Hiroshi
Messages to be Obtained
Minutes of Meeting of the Executive Committee
Translation of German cables
OSHIMA, Hiroshi
Key Events, Cabinets, Expansionist and Utlra-Nationalist Societies, Japanese Army Cliques, Zaibatsu, Individuals
Minutes of Tenth Meeting of Executive Committee
Notes on the Preparation of Briefs Against Defendants
Executive Committee
The Difference Between Court Martial, Gunpo Kaigi and Military Tribunal, Gunritsu Kaigi
Plague Epidemic in Changteh, Hunan
Interrogation of H. U. Von Marchtaler and E. Boltze
Documentary Evidence
MASAKI, Jinsaburo (General)
Status of Interrogations
Interrogation of Shanichi Matsumoto
Whereabouts of Individuals listed
Minutes of Second Meeting of Executive Committee
Meeting on Co-Ordination of the Handling of Documents
Minutes of a Meeting of the Chief of Counsel, Associate Prosecutors and Indictment Committee