Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 2, Folder 2

General Reports and Memoranda from May 1946

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Use of Thailand instead of Siam
Trip to Batavia; Report of
Trip to Batavia; Facts and Evidence developed as a result of
Trial Brief - Preparating Japanese Opinion for War
Trial Brief
Tri Partite Pact Negotiations
Transportation Schedule for the War Ministry Building
Translation of German Documents
Translation of Documents
Transfer of OKAWA, Shumei
Timeline of Japan's Agressive Policy and Actions
Thoughts on Trial Brief - China Military Aggression
Tavenner and Williams Assignment
Summary of Interrogation of General TANAKA
Report of Interrogation of Paul Wenneker
Report from China - Opium and Narcotics Trade in Japanese Occupied Territory
Release of OKAWA, Shumei
Public Statement of Gen. Hiroshi OSHIMA
Proposed Rules of Procedure Concerning Language Processes
Production of Witness
Proceedings of Meeting Held in Room 364 at 930 A. M. on 4th May, 1946
Procedures to be Followed in Connection with Documents
Procedures to be Followed in Connection with Documents
Press Release
Press Conference Summary
Preparation for Trial - Translation and Reproduction of Documents for Fiiling in Court
Phillips Participation on IPS and the United States Attorneys' Conference
Organization and Capabiltiies of Language Division
Order with Reference to OKAWA, Shumei
Order Granting Request of OKAWA for Transfer to Tokyo Imperial Univeristy Hospital
Note for Telecon 23 May 1946
News Press Report Excerpts from during the War regarding China
Motion to Dismiss on Behalf of the Defendant Shumei OKAWA
Minutes of Seventh Meeting of Evidence and Defendants Committee
Minutes of Meeting of Evidence Committee
Minutes of Evidence Sub-Committee Meeting
Minutes of a Meeting of the Witnesses and Documents Sub-Committee held on May 1st 1946
Minutes of 6th Meeting of Documents and Witnesses Sub-Committee
Messing Reinstated U. S. Citizens
Meeting of Witnesses and Documents Sub-Committee
Meeting of Associate Prosecutors, 25 May 1946
Meeting of Associate Prosecutors, 21 May 1946
Mechanics of Cross-Examination in this Trial
List of Incidencts Included in Schedule A of Motion
List of Facts, on which the Section of the Indictment Dealing with Japan's Aggression Against the USSR is Based
List for Reassignment of Personnel
John B. Powell's Book and Possibly Testimony
Item to be Included in Telecon Message to Washington, 23 May 1946
Interrogation of WAKAMATSU, Tadakezu
Interrogation of KOJIMA, Hideo
Interrogation of KABAYAMA, Sukehide
Interrogation of Hiroshi SUGUIRA
Interrogation of General OTT
Interrogation of Alfred Kretschmer
Important Meeting of the Evidence Committee
Extracts from the Book 'Twenty Years Blizzard - Inside STory of SHOWA, After Lifting of Ban' by MORI, Shozo
Executive Committee Decision to Rely Primarily on Documentary Evidence
Excerpts from Tokyo Asahi Shimbun
Excerpts from Telecon
Excerpts from Notes Made From December 1941 to 20 June 1942 by R. C. Phillips in China
Evidence of Japanese Military and Naval Planning for War
Documents May 1, 1946
Documentation of Interrogations
Document List - Aggression Against French Indo-China and Thailand
Doctrine of Aggressive Warfare in International Law
Defintions of Terms Pertaining to Trial
Defense Motion for Transfer of OKAWA to Japanese Hospital for Medical Treatment by Japanese Doctors
Deadlines for Final Preparation
Consideration of Incidents Not Included in Recent List of Incidents
Conference in Respect of Preparation for Trial
Completed draft
Complete Report of Press Conference by Hon. Frank S. Tavenner
Checklist of Documents Received from IPS
Checklis of Documents Received from IPS Organized by Assigned Attorney or Section
Certification and Affidavits for Documents
Certification and Affidavits for Documents
Certificates of Authentication
Briefing, Reassignment of Personnel and Final Preparation for Trial - Corrected Copy
Briefing, Reassignment of Personnel and Final Preparation for Trial
Briefing of Interrogations
Attendance in Court
Assignment and Procedure for Group Analyses
Affidavit of OKAWA, Kane
Addition to Previous Analyses of Documents by Subjects and Defendants