Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 3, Folder 7

General Reports and Memoranda from December 1946

Change of Order of Presentation
Telecon re: Unavailability of Documents from Nuremburg Trials
Outgoing Message - Evidence against Tojo
Class B Offences - French Division List
Order of Presentation Contemplated in Economic Aggression Phase
Shigemitsu's Statement
Outgoing Message - Procedure at Nuremberg upon conclusion of the Prosecution's evidence
Preparation for case concerning offenses committed in French Indo-China
Class B Offenses - Documents to be Presented - Robinson List
Individual Defendants - OKAWA
Translation Deadlines
News Clipping Jap Who Slapped Tojo Cured - Will Face Trial Again
Proposed Group Conference on International Criminal Law
Mr. Tavenner's Investment situation
To the International Military Tribunal for the Far East - Trying Major Japanese War Criminals
Dr. OKAWA in Insane Asylum
Counsel for UMEZU
Circulation of Information
Status of Court Reporters in Trial
Trial Strategy
List of Documents - Class B Offences - Capt Robinson
List of Documents - Class B Offences - Colonel Woolworth
Bacteriological Warfare
Beikoku ni Tsukaishite (My Mission to the United States) recent book by Kichisaburo NOMURA - published by Iwanami Shoten - July 1946
Processing of Defense Documents in IPS
List of Documents - Class B Offences - Colonel Woolworth
Outgoing Message - Prosecution's Strategy at Nuremberg
Substitute Pages for Class B Offences documents list - Capt. Robinson
Application for Leave to present the French Case in Respect of Class B and C Offenses in the French Language
Plans for Upcoming Trial
Update of trial situation
Document re: Class B Offenses - Documents to be Presented - Captain Robinson
Mr. Tavenner's concern regarding loss of retirement benefits
Organization of Investigative Work Relative to Witnesses Subpoenaed by the Accused
Vacancy of Counsel Position for a Railway Company
Decisions taken December 22nd 1946
Addition of Legal Personnel
Application of the Prosecution for Medical Examination and Report Concerning the Accused Okawa, Shumei
List of IPS divisions