The Tokyo War Crimes Trial, U.Va.

The Tokyo War Crimes Trial

Digital Collection

Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records, Box 6, Folder 2

General Reports and Memoranda from November 1947

Findings on Questions November 28, 1947
Telecon Conference November 26, 1947
DOIHARA's Mission in North China in 1935 and IPS Doc. 724-D
Japanese Translation of Two Telegrams
Exhibit #2214
OSHIMA's Participation in German-Japanese Economic Cooperation
Processing of Documents for Rebuttal
Telecon Conference November 19, 1947
OSHIMA Article November 5, 1947
IPS Doc. 4033
Release to Allied Press Liaison Officer of Copies of IPS Documents introduced for identification only
Comparison of Japanese and English Translation of article
OSHIMA Articles November 13, 1947
Examination of Documents Results November 13, 1947
Secret Protocol to the Treaty Regarding Economic Cooperation Between Germany and Japan
Examination of Documents Results November 13, 1947
Karl Haushofer November 18, 1947
Investigation of Document No. 2400-A
Examination of Documents Results November 3, 1947
OSHIMA's Activities Immediately Preceding the Negotiations for the Non-Separate Peace Treaty
Profits from Opium Trade, possible development of rebuttal evidence re
Examination of Documents Results November 12, 1947
OSHIMA's Activities Fostering Sedition in India and the Mohammedan Countries
Order of Proof, Defendant OSHIMA, Running Commentary
Documents of Interest not in OSHIMA's case file
Newspaper article re Gen. OSHIMA, Hiroshi (Ser. 149, Case File #247)
Japanese Personnel
Notes of Rebuttal Meetings
IPS Doc. #1395
IPS Document No. 3231
Order of Proof & Running Commentary, OSHIMA (version 2)
Teletype Conference November 12, 1947
Articles by OSHIMA in Bungei Shunju and Yomiuri
Telecon Conference November 5, 1947
OSHIMA's Affidavit November 19, 1947
Rebuttal Evidence
Order of Proof & Running Commentary, OSHIMA
Rebuttal Evidence November 14, 1947
OSHIMA's Attitude in Regard to Japanese Entry Into the War Against Soviet Russia
Karl Haushofer November 17, 1947
Articles by Defendant OSHIMA
Examination of Documents Results November 6, 1947
IPS DOC 1767A for Rebuttal
OSHIMA Excerpts
Statement prepared by General Ott