Parent Find Ancient Jap Papers in Shrine's Vault News Article
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Find Ancient Jap Papers in Shrine’s Vualt TOKYO, Jan. 17 (AP) – A vault filled with ancient Japanese documents removed last spring from Yomei library in Kyoto by the late Prince Fumimaro Koney to avoid destruction by bombing was found by a United States army patrol at Izumo shrine. The patrol blasted open the vault door and found 60 ancient scroll diaries adviser to the original 14 volumes of Midokampaku Nikki written by Michinaga Fujiwara, ruling adviser to the throne during the Seian period [794 A. D. to 1186 A. D.], and other royal diaries and letters. The documents have been returned to Yomei library. Charges Nazis Persuade Kin to Boycott Election NUERNBERG, Germany, Jan. 17 (AP) – Minister President Wilhelm Hoegner today charged that Nazis disenfranchised by American military government edict were persuading friends and relatives to boycott the local elections Jan. 27. Hoegner said there was no organized campaign but that the Nazi efforts constituted the main reason why about 40 per cent of the eligible voters in Bavaria would not vote.