Parent Tojo's Memory Wanes As Time for His Trial Nears News Article
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Collection C.W.J. Phelps Collection
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American Officials Skeptical Tojo’s Memory Wanes As Time For His Trial Nears Former Premier Hideki Tojo, who is now convinced he never will leave prison alive has “begun to lose his memory,” authoritative Japanese sources said. During questioning with American prosecutors, the former dictator “is no longer able to remember dates and other important details” of the momentous events of his reign, these sources said. They added that Tojo blames his amnesia on his attempted suicide when he shot himself in the chest with a small caliber revolver. Japanese said that American officials were “very dissatisfied with Tojo’s loss of memory which they believe he is feigning.” Tojo is in good health and “quite calm” at present in contrast to his former “depressed attitude,” said the sources. He is convinced he will not “get out of prison alive.”