Minutes of the Fifth Meeting of the Evidence and Defendants Committee 9:30 a.m. Friday, 10th May 1946, Room 301. ----------- Present: Mr. Justice Mansfield (in the Chair) Mr. Barry Mr. Morgan Mr. Horwitz Brig. Quilliam Mr. Phelps Judge Williams Mr. Humphreys Mr. Eugene Williams 1. Mr. Eugene Williams’ Address to Attorneys Agreed that copies of this address be circulated to all Attorneys 2. Basic Documents Capt. Williamson had given the Chairman a list of Basic Documents that were not available to him. It was suggested that two or three persons should make themselves responsible for seeing that these were obtained. Agreed that Mr. Barry, Mr. Horwitz and Mr. Eugene Williams look after this matter, in conjunction with Lieut. Healey, Documents Acquisition Officer. Brig. Quilliam reported with regard to Items 40, 42, 43, 44, 46, and 47 that he had arranged with Commander Shea to make suggestions as to what portions of the Foreign Relations books would be necessary. He had also made arrangements with regard to the Washington Treaty. Judge Williams reported that he had had requests for documents, many of which were books which would necessitate a tremendous amount of work in translation and duplication. It was suggested that it might be enough to have essential extracts only translated and duplicated, and the books themselves made official documents, for the Court to have access to. It was agreed that this should be discussed at the Pre-Trial Conference. 3. List of Incidents Mr. Horwitz reported that he had received suggestions from Mr. Laverge for a further seven incidents to be added to the List of Incidents to be judicially noted. These were 12 Aug. 1935, 10 May 1940, 18 June 1941, 28 July 1941, 28 Feb. 1942, 9 Mar. 1942 and Aug. 1945. Agreed to include to the first six, but to make further inquiries about the last, upon which there was some doubt. 4. Maps. Mr. Humphreys asked if anything was being done to have the Maps proved. Mr. Horwitz said that he was arranging to have them certified by the Japanese Government.