5. Duplication of Documents. Mr. Phelps reported that there was a serious shortage of equipment and material for the duplication of documents. An attempt was being made to obtain more, but unless drastic action were taken, they could not hope to have documents ready for the Trial in early June. Agreed that Mr. Keenan be invited to attend a Meeting of the Committee at 9:30 a.m. next day (Saturday, May 11th), at which this problem would be discussed. In the meantime, Mr. Danly was preparing an exact statement of his requirements. 6. Pre-Trial Conference. It was agreed that this should be discussed with Mr. Keenan at tomorrow’s Meeting. 7. Witnesses. Mr. Barry reported that he had had no official request so far for any Witnesses. With regard to TANAKA, he had sent a courier out for him. Mr. Horwitz suggested that Mr. Barry see the Heads of Groups and find out who wanted to see TANAKA, so that a schedule could be drawn up and waste of time avoided. 8. Personnel Records. Mr. Horwitz said that he had only been able to obtain records of 19 of the Defendants. Mr. Phelps agreed to look into the matter of the other 9.