Minutes of the Fourth Meeting of the Evidence and Defendants Committee held on May 2nd 1946 in the Exectuive Committee Room In the Chair Mr. Justice Mansfield Present Mr. Barry, Mr. Christmas Humphreys, Mr. Horwitz, Mr. Mignone, Mr. Morgan, Captain Phelps, Brigadier Quilliam, Mr. Tavenner, Judge Williams, Mr. E. Williams Circular. A Circular was handed o the members present which contained the following: 1. Memorandum from Evidence Committee. For the information of all Attorneys. 2. Subject and Evidence Form submitted by Mr. E. Williams. 3. List of Basic Documents. 4. Form for Request for Witness. 5. List of Incidents which it is suggested by Judicially noticed. Mr. Williams’ (Third Rough Draft) General Plan of Proof. Mr. E. Williams thought that this should be treated as a restricted Document and circulated amongst Attorneys. The first paragraph was approved. Paragraph 2 concerning maps. It was decided that a request for such maps should be made by each attorney requiring the same and that a Memo be sent to Mr. Horwitz to that effect. Paragraph 3: Charts. Mr. Horwitz submitted a Chart showing the entire organization of the Japanese Government and the relationship of each branch thereof to the whole. There was discussion as to the importance of some of the Ministries. The main departments such as Navy Ministry, Foreign Affairs, Finance Ministry would be broken down. The Chart showed the inter-relationship of all the various organizations. There was discussion as to whether it would be better to have a large Chart to set up in Court or have several smaller ones made. It was agreed by the Committee that a large Chart should be obtained if possible and that this matter be left in the hands of Mr. Horwitz. The question of having a certificate annexed to it stating that it was drawn according to Japanese Governmental Records was discussed as well as the fact that Mr. Horwitz and Brigadier Nolan were making their own independent investigation and setting themselves up as experts. Mr. Horwitz said that the Chart would also be provided for use in Briefs. The question of the Conferences before the Emperor was raised, as well as the Liaison Conferences and Conferences of Ex-Premiers. What was the best means of proving who was present at all the various conferences? Should the Japanese Government be asked to produce records showing lists of attendances at these meetings? It was agreed that Mr. Horwitz should attend to this matter. Mr. Mignone stated that summaries of interrogations of each of the 28 Defendants were made. It was suggested that the summaries of interrogations be made into Documents and become part of the Document Section and the Chairman said that a list of those persons who had made statements should be circulated amongst Attorneys. Paragraph 4: File as Exhibits. This was approved. Regarding (b) it was noted that the list of events would be chronological. The importance of the words “of which it is desired that judicial notice shall be taken” was noted.