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Parent Summary Brief about General Matsui
Language English
Collection Roy L. Morgan Papers
Box Box 3
Folder 1946 [IMFTE] (IPS) Translations of interrogations.
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Summary Brief re General MATSUI (Iwane) In 1931 General MATSUI was representative of the Japanese Army at the Geneva Convention. In 1932 he was a member of the Supreme War Council and in 1933 promoted to full General. A founder of the Greater East Asia Society in 1934, he was Commander-in-Chief of the Japanese forces in Central China from September, 1937, to February 1938. He was appointed to the Cabinet Advisory Council on China in July, 1938, and Advisor to the Greater East Asia Affairs Section of the IRAA in 1943. He was President of the Greater East Asia Development Society in 1944. As Commander-in-Chief of the Japanese Forces in Central Chine, MATSUI is held responsible for the “rape” of Nanking and organized atrocities there committed. He has expressed agreement with the Japanese Government’s purpose to compel the politics, economics and culture of mid-China to become auxiliary to the Japanese defense policy. A strong advocate of “Asia for the Asiatics” and an ardent religionist, MATSUI particularly interested himself in efforts to coordinate religious association in support of government policy. He cooperated completely with those who plotted Japanese expansion by force and arms.