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Parent Summary Brief about Baron Hiranuma
Language English
Collection Roy L. Morgan Papers
Box Box 3
Folder 1946 [IMFTE] (IPS) Translations of interrogations.
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Summary Brief re HIRANUMA (Kiichiro) Baron HIRANUMA was President of the Kokuhonsha from 1926 until it was dissolved in 1936. He was Vice-President of the Privy Council from 1930 to 1936, and President from 1936 to 1939. HIRANUMA was Prime Minister from May to August 1939. He was Home Minister and Minister Without Portfolio under KONOYE from July 1940 to October 1941. He returned as President of the Privy Council in 1945. As Privy Councilor he approved the completion of occupation of Manchuria (17 December 913) and recommended Japan’s withdrawal from the League of Nations (27 March 1933). As Premier he supported and went along with the military in the use of armed forces in China. A month after he took office Japanese troops landed on Hainan Island. He approved the General Mobilization Law (1939) which mobilized the resources of Japan – more effectively placing her on a war footing. He stated that the “entire power of the State would be concentrated on achieving the goal in China” and that the policies of the Konoye Cabinet pertaining to “Greater East Asia” would be carried out. He was present at the Imperial Conference (2 July 1941) at which it was agreed to establish the Greater East Asia Company Co-prosperity Sphere and bring to submission the Chiang regime in China. He attended the meeting of Elder Statesmen (29 November 1941) when it was agreed that Hull’s proposal of November 25th should be rejected and that Japan should continue the use of arms against China. As a Privy Councilor, Premier, Cabinet member, and Elder Statesman, Baron HIRANUMA went along with the tide of Japanese expansion, thereby contributing materially to their programme.