Memorandum from Evidence Committee For the Information of All Attorneys. 1. The Evidence Committee has decided that it shall be the policy of the Prosecution at the trial to rely on proof by documentary evidence in preference to oral evidence. Therefore affidavits and sworn statements will be used instead fo calling witnesses. It is proposed to have a pre-trial conference with the Court and defense counsel so that approval may be given by the Court to the above policy. 2. Attached hereto is a list of basic documents which will be copied and translated by the Documents Section. Each attorney is requested to consider the list and to notify at once the Documents Officer (Judge Williams) what other documents he intends to use in evidence at the trial, so that arrangements may be made to copy and translate them. If this is not done immediately, there may be a bottleneck, as the capacity of the translating and copying staffs is limited. Each document should be applied for on the prescribed form, copies of which may be obtained from Captain Williamson of the Documents Section. 3. Up to the present no applications have been made to the Witness Officer (Mr. Barry) for witnesses. Please make immediate application to him for any witnesses you may require so that sworn or certified statements may be taken from them and arrangements may be made for their attendance at the trial. 4. Original documents which have not been analyzed are known to be in the possession of attorneys. If such documents may be of use to other attorneys preparing other phases of the case, it is imperative that they be handed into the Documents Division immediately, together with all information necessary to enable each document to be proved at the trial. If such documents can only be relevant to the particular phase covered by the attorney who has such documents in his possession, such attorney is requested to analyze the documents on the proper form and to have both the documents and the analyses numbered by Captain Williamson of the Documents Division. 5. Attorneys are requested to inform the Evidence Committee, through Captain Phelps, of any incident in the phase of the case being prepared which lacks proper proof or of which the proof is weak so that investigation may be made to discover evidence or further evidence of that incident for use at the trial. 6. A list of incidents of which it is proposed to ask the Tribunal to take judicial notice is attached hereto. If any attorney desires any other incident to