Minutes of Third Meeting of the Evidence and Defendants Committee 9:30 a.m. Thursday, 25th April 1946, Room 301. ----------- Mr. Eugene Williams and Mr. Barry, Witness Officer, were in attendance at the Meeting. Judge Hsiang was represented by Mr. Liu. 1. Evidence The question of Best Evidence was discussed. Agreed That the Best Evidence rule be followed as far as possible. 2. Pre-Trial Conference Agreed That directions on the following maters be asked for at the Pre-Trail Conference: (a) Use of ATIS reports (b) Use of Japanese Government documents (c) Use of extracts from exhibits (d) Use of extracts from interrogations (e) List of Events to be judicially noticed (f) Whether copies of the parts of the interrogation reports to be used in evidence should be submitted to the Defendants before the trial. (g) Approval of Notice to Defendants re documents (h) Use of Foreign Relations series (i) Whether selected parts of books and speeches could be used in evidence without the whole context being reproduced. (j) Whether affidavits would be used in place of Witnesses themselves. 3. Documents and Witnesses Sub-Committee The following were chosen for the Sub-Committee: Mr. Justice Mansfield Judge Williams Mr. Eugene Williams Mr. Horwitz Capt. Phelps 4. List of Basic Documents Agreed That the Documents and Witnesses Sub-Committee draw up a List of Basic Documents to be copied and translated. This List to be circulated to all Attorneys, together with a memorandum of instructions, so that they may ask for any document they require which is not on the List. Action Copy of this recommendation to be given to Mr. Keenan.