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Parent Teletype Conference August 27, 1947
Date 27 August 1947
Language English
Collection Tavenner Papers & IMTFE Official Records
Box Box 5
Folder General Reports and Memoranda from August 1947
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
TELECON CONFERENCE 27 August 1947 PRESENT IN WASHINGTON: Comdr. J. O. Collins Mr. Arnold Nestel Mr. J. S. Egre Capt. W. L. Woodruff Col. E. H. Dunn Young Mr. C. F. Hubbert PRESENT IN TOKYO: Major T. R. C. King, Legal Section Capt. Roland J. Schwartz, IMTFE Capt. J. J. Robinson (Navy), IPS Miss Virginia Brown, IMTFE Mr. Michael Levin, Defense Mr. Owen Cunningham, Defense SUBJECT: War Crimes CLASSIFICATION: Unclassified WD-8 Woodruff to Lea: Gusach keeps calling this office re his status. Can you reply this TT, if possible. contemplated action on him? If not, request cable reply soonest. WD-9 For IPS: Re Z19049 dated 23 Aug. will order requested copies and forward soonest. In the meantime, will attempt to obtain two or three copies from State Dept. and forward these. WD-14 For Mr. Keenan: Re FEC 8 last TT and cable Z 19287 Mr. Fihelly and Mr. Fay are writing letters giving complete details. Mr. Fihelly unable to leave at this time, but will be available later. WD-16 For Capt. J. J. Robinson: Re WD 16 last TT. Can you give answer now? FEC-14 From IPX (Luke Lea) Luke Lea departing by surface transportation. Due to arrive Seattle September 12 or 13 and will proceed to Washington. Please hold all mail pending his arrival. FEC-15 From IPS: Please pass to Harry Gusach, 2513 13th St. , Northwest, Washington. Following message from Mr. Keenan: Quote have requested your employment as assistant Chief Historical Division, Tokyo. Now being processed by civilian personnel section. Expect clearance within the week. Unquote.