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Parent Four Japs Sentenced At Yokohama Trials News Article
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Four Japs Sentenced at Yokohama Trials YOKOHAMA – Four of five Japanese charged with the death of Pvt., Everett L. Tyler of Glen Easton, W. Va., at Osaka prison camp were convicted yesterday by an Eighth Army military tribunal and sentenced to 10 years at hard labor. The commission president Col. L. b. Wyant, of Bellevue, O., pronounced sentences on Buichi Omori and Ryunosuke, civilian guards, and Cpls. Yoshinari Minemoto and Tekuichi Ichiba. The latter two men were found guilty of beating and clubbing Tyler after his recapture. A fifth defendant was acquitted. Sgt. Tasutake Sakakibara, former guard at the Hakodate POW camp on Hokkaido, will be tried Thursday before an Eighth Army commission in Yokohama – the 35th Japanese alleged war criminal to be tried. Sakakibara is accused of beating Allied prisoners of war. His case will be the first in which a civilian – Joseph B. Zaccoe of New Jersey – will serve on the prosecution and in which a Marine officer – Lieut. Gilbert Chavenelle of Michigan – has been assigned to the defense.