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Parent Two Japs Given Death Sentence News Article
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Two Japs Given Death Sentence Former Officers Are Convicted at Manila MANILA (AP) – Two Japanese officers were convicted and sentenced to death by a United States war crimes commission and four other Nippinese were sentenced to 30 to 40 years hard labor for torture killing three American fliers on Panay Island in 1945. First Lt. Makato Yoshioka will be hanged, Second Lt. Fukumori Okuda will be shot for beheading and bayonetting fliers. Second Lt. Kikio Kai was sentenced to 40 years hard labor whiel Sgt. Maj. Takeji Wada nad Sgt. Shishiro Inoue were given 30 years each. Nip Officer Testifies on Camp’s Death Rate YOKOHAMA (UP) – Masaichi Kanea, head doctor at Fukuoka prisoner of war camp No. 1, told the Eighth Army military commission trying Capt. Yuhichi Skaamoto, former camp commandant, on war crimes charges, that deaths averaged two or three per day among a group of prisoners which arrived at the camp in February, 1945. Kanea said that not one was able to walk from the train on which they arrived but had to be carried on stretchers or supported by other inmates of the camp. In another Eighth Army war crimes trial Cap. Shigeru Aona, medical officer at Hakodate main camp, testified in his own defense and then shouted denials to the prosecutor’s cross-examination statements.