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Parent April 15th Set as Indictment Date for Tojo News Article
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April 15th Set as Indictment Date for Tojo Tojo’s Mind Ok, Keenan Says; French, Filipino Tribunal Members Arrive. Former Premier Hideki Tojo and other leading Japanese war criminal suspects will be indicted April 15 in Tokyo in the first official action of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, Chief Prosecutor Joseph B. Keenan announced yesterday. He said arraignments would follow shortly afterward and that machinery for the formal proceedings is now being completed by the tribunal. The arraignment date and the date for the beginning of the trials against the Japanese militarists and diplomatic leaders will not be announced until the indictments are in he said, but unofficial sources indicated that the trials would get underway early in May. Tribunal Members Arrive Arriving in Tokyo yesterday were Honorable Henri Bernard, France’s judge nominee to the tribunal, M. Jean Oneto, France’s associate prosecutor and Pedro Lopez, associate prosecutor for the Philippine Commonwealth. They will point other tribunal personnel now at work on trial machinery. Meanwhile Keenan said that Tojo has given evidence of a clear mind and is not a victim of amnesia as reported in Japan newspaper several days ago. Keenan said that it will not be necessary to call in psychiatrists for any of the major suspects held at Sugamo prison since none shows any “mental incapacity.” Keenan said that the court will be conducted as in United States court of justice with pleas of defendants being hear at arraignments.