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Parent Ex-Commanders of Philippine PW Camp Arrested News Article
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Ex-Commanders of Philippine PW Camp Arrested Two of the infamous episodes of the Pacific phase of World War II were recalled yesterday, with announcement by the Legal section of SCAP of the arrest of Capt. Toshio Tsuneyoshi, formerly of the Japanese Army, and Lt. Masanori Hattori, Navy. Both former officers were locked up in Sugamo prison to await prosecution on charges of having committed atrocities against Allied prisoners of war. Tsuneyoshi, according to Legal section investigators, is the former commanding officer of Camp O’Donnell, Philippines, where numerous atrocities were committed, and where many of the prisoners who survived the “Death March of Bataan” were taken. The other is Lt. Masanori Hattori, who was arrested in connection with the execution of survivors from ships sunk by the Japanese submarine 1-8.