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Parent Testifies He Aided Jap Puppet Because He Was Well Paid News Article
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Testifies He Aided Jap Puppet Because He Was Well Paid SHANGHAI, China, Jan. 16 (AP) – Lawrence Kentwell, 72, who testified that he renounced his British citizenship “to please my Chinese friends,” today told the Shanghai high court trying him on charges of having collaborated with the Japanese that he became a member of a puppet legislature because it paid him well. However, Kentwell said he morally was against the regime of Puppet Wan Ching-wei and contended he actually engaged in anti-Japanese propaganda while accepting favors from Nippon. Kentwell identified himself as a graduate of Columbia and Oxford universities. He changed his name to Kan Teh-quan in 1931 when he renounced his British nationality but never became a nationalized Chinese. He said his mother was a Chinese, whereupon the judge told him he would be considered a Chinese for trial purposes.