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Parent Japs Set Fire to 150 Men, Court is Told News Article
Language English
Collection C.W.J. Phelps Collection
Box Box 2
Folder Second Phelps Scrap Book
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Japs Set Fire to 150 Men, Court Is Told Manila, Nov. 19 (Monday) (INS) – Details of the brutal massacre of 141 American prisoners of war on Palawan Isalnd December 14, 1944, were disclosed today at the war crimes trial of Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita. Affidavits of three survivors said 150 Americans were forced into air raid shelters. The Japs then fired three gasoline barrels in the shelter. When the flaming Americans tried to escape the Japs machine gunned and bayonetted them. Nine escaped and swam five miles before they were picked up by guerillas. One American was shot while swimming, dragged himself ashore and begged the Japs to shoot him. Instead, the Japs burned first one hand or foot, then another, leaving the victim to a slow death. Col. Harry Clarke, Yamashita’s chief defense counsel, said the former Jap Philippines commander will take the stand in his own defense.