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Parent Jap Identified Who Beheaded Aussie Flyer News Article
Language English
Collection C.W.J. Phelps Collection
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Folder Second Phelps Scrap Book
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
Jap Identified Who Beheaded Aussie Flyer Tokyo, Oct. 12 (AP) – Allied authorities today identified publicly the sword-wielding Japanese solider in the widely circulated photograph of the beheading of a captured Australian aviator on New Guinea. A search for the sword wielder is under way. The identification, like many others in pending atrocity cases, was made possible thru use of an organization which has been one of the most closely kept secrets of the Pacific war. Hundreds of Nisei soldiers scrutinized thousands of captured Japanese documents, working often under fire. Some of the documents they found disclosed the identity of the executioner as a man named Yoshino, allied authorities announced. A moon-faced, laughing Japanese in the background of the picture was identified as a soldier named Yamashita.