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Parent Japanese Official Letter to Winston Churchill
Date 14 April 1941
Language English
Collection C.W.J. Phelps Collection
Box Box 2
Folder Second Phelps Scrap Book
Repository University of Virginia Law Library
April 14, 1941 Siberian train en route to Tokyo. Your Excellency I take pleasure in acknowledging receipt of a paper, handed to me at Moscow on the evening of the 12th instant by Sir Stafford Crips with remark that it was a copy in substance of a letter addressed to me dated London, April 2nd, 1941, and forwarded to Tokyo. I wish to express my appreciation for the facilities with which your Government made efforts to provide our Ambassador when he wanted to meet me on the continent, I was keenly disappointed when I learned that he could not come. Your Excellency may rest assured that the foreign policy of Japan is determined upon and after an unbiased examination of all the facts and a very careful weighing of all the elements of the situation she confronts, always holding steadfastly in view the great racial aim and ambition of finally bringing about on the earth the conditions envisaged in what she calls Hakkoichiu,