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Parent Tokyo Tribunal Sets June 3 as Tojo Trial Date
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Tokyo Tribunal Sets June 3 as Tojo Trial Date Tokyo, May 6 (AP) – Former Premier Tojo and 26 other leaders of Japan were ordered to trial June 3 after their arraignment today before an international court on charges of unleashing a war of aggression and murder in the far east. All entered pleas of innocent. The 11 nation allied tribunal rejected a defense motion to disqualify its president, William Webb of Australia, on the ground that he had been biased by his investigation of Japanese atrocities in New Guinea. It will convene again next Monday, however, to hear further defense arguments challenging the court’s jurisdiction. The defense already has contended that, under terms of the Potsdam declaration, war crimes can be charged only against persons who violated international law after the outbreak of hostilities, and that the court therefore cannot try high government officials for acts committed prior to the war.